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My #1 Resource foe Essential Oils. This book is essential for both new and experienced essential oil users.

My #1 Resource for Essential Oils

This is the book I frequently turn to for all my essential oil questions! It truly is my favourite essential oil resource and book! Read to post for a full list of everything the book includes!Today I want to share with you my number 1 resource for essential oils! Please note that this post does contain affiliate links which means that if you click on the link and then buy the book, I will earn a small percentage. I only recommend products that I use and love. The purpose of this blog is to provide you with information to allow you to make informed decisions about your family’s health and wellness and I truly believe this resource can help you with that!

Ok enough about that, let’s get to the good stuff! When I say this is my #1 resource for essential oils, I mean it. It literally sits on the middle spot on our couch. This drives my husband crazy but hey, I need to have it close! This amazing resource is the Modern Essentials: Contemporary Guide to the Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils.

I have used essential oils for over 16 months and I still rely on this book multiple times a week. The reason this book is so great is because it sets newbies up with all the essential beginner information but it also serves as a great reference tool for those with a bit more experience. I use this book for my own personal essential oil use and also refer to it often in my essential oil classes. This book really helps to empower people… it makes you think, “Hey, I can do this”! Some people are afraid to start using essential oils until they know EVERYTHING about them, the reality is that’s never going to happen (at least not for a very very long time). I continue to learn new things about essential oils and their uses daily. It would have been really unfortunate if I spent the past 16 months trying to learn about essential oils without having actually tried them! The Modern Essentials Book allows you to be informed even as a newbie essential oil user.

Here is why this book is so great:

1) You can look up the ailment or condition that you want essential oils to help with

In the back of the book you will find a ‘usage guide’. This section is an A-Z listing of ailments/conditions from allergies to wounds. I know, I know I said it went to Z but can you think of anything that would fall under Z… can you? Let’s use a cold. Under colds you will see oils listed in red, orange, and green. Try the red oils first, if you have none of those then work your way down the list. This is so great as it shows how versatile essential oils are and shows that you have many options when you are trying to manage a certain problem.

2) It helps you to find the essential oil that works best for you

As mentioned above, essential oils are listed in RED (try these first- most likely to be helpful), ORANGE (try these next), GREEN (if you have none of the above, use this). This is great as it allows you to give different essential oils a try and allows you to find the one that works best for you. As humans we are all different which means the oil that works best for you may not work as well for your neighbour. Also try different things, because your body may respond better to the essential oil listed in orange than the one in red.

3) Learn how to use the oils

The book lets you know how you use each oil, topically, aromatically, or internally- or any combination of the above. Beside each of the oils you will see a small T, A, or I to correspond with the uses listed above.

4) You can specifically look up each essential oil and essential oil blend

This section describes all the ways you can use that particular oil. For example for Peppermint you will find headaches, spider bites, indigestion and about 20-30 other uses as well. Please note that the number of uses varies depending on the oil. The small A, T, or I mentioned above is listed beside each of the “common primary uses”. Under Peppermint you will find cold sores which has a small T beside it. This means if you want to use peppermint to help with cold sores, apply it topically.

5) The book states many important safety guidelines

This includes which oils should be diluted, which ones are safe for babies and children, which ones pregnant women should avoid etc.

6) You are provided with a reflexology guide

Applying essential oils to your feet is a great way to apply essential oils as the pores on your feet are large allowing the essential oil to be absorbed faster. You can also match up the spot on your foot with the area of concern on your body. If I have digestive issues, I will apply the digestive blend on the arch of my foot.

7) History

Want to know how essential oils were used throughout history? This book has you covered!

8) Chemistry

The composition of essential oils is thoroughly explained and broken down using diagrams. Personally history and chemistry are my least favourite subjects, so I find these sections helpful in providing me with just enough information. I can read the whole section or break it down into easy to understand chunks.

9) Quick usage chart

The back page of the book has a chart that lists each essential oil, if they should be used topically, aromatically, or internally, if it can be used for children, if it needs to be diluted and lists a few of the most common uses.

10) Recipes

Cooking, cleaning, and personal care recipes are all listed for your use.


Now do you see why I love the Modern Essentials Book so much?!? It is such a rich source of information and a great essential oil resource for beginner, intermediate and experienced users.

If you feel this book would be helpful for you, I would appreciate it if you could purchase it through this link or the links listed above. I will receive a small percentage of the sale which will help me to pay for my blogging expenses.

Please note: I have the 5th edition of this book. The link is for the 6th edition so there may be some slight changes from what I mentioned above.

I hope you have found this post helpful! Oh and I almost forgot, were you able to come up with something that should be listed under Z yet?!!

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  1. This book sounds like it is a great resource! I keep hearing about essential oils (and even purchased some from a friend that works with Doterra) yet I haven’t really delved deeper. Maybe this book will help me!

  2. I started using essential oils a few months ago for stress relief and I love them! I’m hoping to get a diffuser soon because I heard they are wonderful to use with the oils.

  3. Hi Chantal,
    It is so important to understand how to use –and not misuse — essential oils in order to make the most of them. An authoritative reference is essential to have on hand so thank you for sharing your post about ‘Modern Essentials a Contemporary Guide to the Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils’ with us at the Healthy Happy Green and Natural Party! I am pinning and sharing!

  4. I have this book and agree it’s one of the best ones. I love the fact that you can look up by ailment or condition, and in most cases there is more than one option.


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