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Important Facts to consider when thinking about whether you want to ingest essential oils. Pros and Cons are discussed as well as important safety factors.

Should You Ingest Essential Oils: The Ongoing Debate

Important Facts to consider when thinking about whether you want to ingest essential oils. Pros and Cons are discussed as well as important safety factors. www.paintedteacup.comThere is a great debate among essential oil users as to whether or not it is safe to ingest essential oils. Personally I ingest my essential oils and I love the benefits I receive, especially for my digestive issues. I also love drinking lemon in my water to help give me an energy boost first thing in the morning. In both my Essential Oil Safety Guide and My Daily Essential Oil Routine I state that while I choose to ingest essential oils, I strongly urge that you do your research and/or consult a physician before deciding to ingest oils.

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How Did I Decide Whether or Not It Was Safe For Me to Ingest Essential Oils

I did my research. I have read online articles (both pros and cons) and I have also relied heavily on my Modern Essentials Book which has been great for answering so many of my essential oil questions. I wrote a post about why I love Modern Essentials, which you can read here. Also by clicking the image below, you can learn about the book directly from amazon. My sister-in-law has the Modern Essentials App on her phone and she absolutely loves it! This is a great alternative as it is about 1/4th of the price.

Essential Oil Safety

Read the Label

Not all essential oils are created equally! The bottle may state that it contains 100% pure oil, but all that means is that the actual amount of oil in the bottle is pure. It does not mean that synthetic fillers have not been added. You definitely do not want to ingest harmful fillers!

There are 2 ways to determine if an oil is safe for internal use:

  • For Dietary Use: if the bottle states that it is ‘for dietary use’ then the company is stating that you can ingest it
  • Supplement Facts: if the bottle has a chart with ‘supplement facts’ listed, then it is a good indication that you can use the oil internally. That being said, read the ingridents to make sure that there is only the essential oil in the bottle.

To be safe, always look for both statements on the bottle! Once you know if you can ingest the oil, then you can make an educated decision about whether or not you want to.

Consider the Amount

Essential oils are extremely powerful and potent. 1 drop of peppermint essential oil is equivalent to 28 cups of peppermint tea. When I ingest essential oils, the majority of the time I use 1-3 drops in an 8oz glass of water or in a veggie/gelatin capsule. Filling a veggie capsule FULL of essential oils is too much! You need to use essential oils in moderation. Read my safety guide and beginner’s guide for more information.

Ok so now you have some background information about ingesting essential oils. I have collected some posts for other essential oil bloggers who share their two cents about ingesting essential oils.


Let The Battle Begin: To Ingest or Not to Ingest?


Ingesting Essential Oils May be Harmful to Your Gut Flora

Lauren from Empowered Sustenance wrote a very informative post. She states that more research is needed in order to determine the impact of ingesting essential oils on gut flora. This is a very compelling post with many great points for consideration

Oil & Water Do Not Mix

Christina from The Hippy Homemaker makes an excellent point when stating that oil and water do not mix. Mixing essential oils & water is not any different. Since they do not mix, you are essentially drinking undiluted essential oil, which could have a negative impact on your body. I highly recommend that you read more about this excellent point!


When Used Properly, There Can Be Great Results

Christina from The Happy Homemaker also shows some results from different studies where essential oils were ingested and there were positive results. It should be noted that the ingested oils were properly diluted and the individuals were under the care of doctors. Their results of the studies are very interesting, you will want to read this!


3 Opinions When It Comes To Ingesting Essential Oils

Tauna from Intoxicated On Life wrote a post about 3 types of people you will encounter when discussing whether or not to use essential oils internally. I love this post because it is spot on in summing up the topic. There are those who will tell you to never ingest, those who suggest ingesting too often and those who use common sense when choosing to ingest. This is a great post to help understand all 3 perspectives and to help you form an opinion.


As you can see there is a lot of information and many opinions on the subject. In my opinion there is no one right answer. You have to do what is best for you based on your interpretation of the information, your experience, medical advice and your current health situation.

Why I Continue to Ingest Essential Oils:

For me I have a lot of dietary issues. I did my research (Modern Essentials Book), online articles, and advice from experienced essential oil users. I tried applying the oils topically, this helped to a degree, but there was still room for improvement. This is when I decided to try the digestive blend in a gelatin capsule. I noticed great results and my discomfort was eased in a matter of minutes. I had not had this success with any other product or type of application. For me it was common sense, I would use essential oils internally for my digestive (& occasionally pain) issues. If I stop experiencing success or if there is compelling evidence to suggest that ingesting essential oils is unsafe, then I may consider changing my views on ingesting essential oils. For now, I will continue to ingest my oils, while being mindful of the excellent points made above.

What is the right choice for you? Do you ingest essential oils?

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35 thoughts on “Should You Ingest Essential Oils: The Ongoing Debate”

  1. I am not familiar with essential oils, but as I used to be a RN, it is something that many of our doctors discouraged. You just don’t know how your body will react to them. I do love how you provided lots of interesting reads though.

  2. I use a lot of essential oils for different things around the house like keeping the itsy bitsy spiders away. I can’t say I’ve ingested any of them though but since I know I can, I’ll have to find out which ones say dietary safe.

  3. I have never even thoght about ingesting oils. only taking vitamins. I do like burning scents or just to have a bottle close by just to sniff. Most scents give me a pounding headache so using a prduct that is all natural is a big one for me. my favorite is eucalyptus

  4. I am familiar with essentials oils, but I do find there is so much conflicting information worldwide and especially when i go to buy! I use the food grade varieties which are difficult to get! i wish more people would be informed with what they sell!

  5. I haven’t tried adding essential oils to my food or drink, but I would love to try. I have seen a lot of posts with recipes and they all look delicious. I would love to try your Berry Lemonade Slush.

  6. I honestly have never thought about ingesting essential oils. I really did not know that you could. I think I would be cautious simply because you don’t know how your body would react to them! thanks for sharing this information though!

  7. I love essential oils but I am not comfortable ingesting it or giving it to my children even though I buy the high grade kind. I prefer to use them for other things (a wipe solution for my son’s diaper cloths primarily) and sprays.

  8. doTerra’s Slim and Sassy supposedly can be mixed with water, but like you said oil and water don’t mix. I was using less than the recommended amount for a week, and I had to stop because of the way my gums started feeling. Maybe the gelatin caps will work better.

  9. I ingest some not all of my YL essential oils. And I have added lemon, grapefruit, and peppermint oils to my water. I’ve even added them to empty capsules. I’m not into them as much as some, but I do love the ones I use and will keep buying them. Thanks for sharing the great info!

  10. Wow there’s so many different opinions!! I don’t use my oils daily, but when I do – I’ll keep this in mind! I do use the lemon one for my water though! I definitely need to try expanding the ways I use my oils! This is an awesome informational post!! : )
    xo Adriana
    Daily Dose of Design

  11. It’s so hard to know so this was so helpful to read and know what you’re experience is. I use my oils in my cleaning products, laundry detergent, and as a healing agent I rub on. I love EO’s.

  12. Hmmm, I don’t know much more than the different perspectives you shared with us and I understand your reasons for continuing to ingest them. These days there are so many different view points and whats okay and not okay seem to change so freqently. I agree to just do what you feel is right for you and your situation.

  13. I’m in the non-ingesting camp of essential oils but I have to say that I really appreciate your unbiased post. Thank you for showing both sides of the argument and not just saying “eat all the oils!!” Like so many of the people that ingest do.


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