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Sleep Better using essential oils

Sleep Better with Essential Oils

SleepBAfter a long day many of us feel very tired and sometimes even exhausted. We are looking forward to drifting off and getting some sleep… unfortunately our plans don’t always work that way! There are days where I am feeling so tired that I can barely hold my eyes open yet I get to bed and all I can do is think of 101 things that prevent me from sleeping. In these moments I’ve tried everything… counting sheep… counting backwards from 100… signing a calming song in my head… yet still at some point my mind gets distracted and before I know it I’m thinking about something else without even realizing it! Now when I am having difficulty sleeping I turn to essential oils to help me catch some ZZZ’s!

Here are the experiences my family and I have had using essential oils to help with sleep!

Calming Blend is one that I often turn to for relaxation and calming before bedtime! I take 2 drops and rub it on the back of my neck and shoulders. I then cup my hands around nose and inhale the remaining residue in through my nose and out through my mouth. Another option is to rub 1-2 drops of the calming blend on the bottom of each foot before bedtime! As part of his birthday present, my dad received a bottle of this blend to help with relaxation and sleep and he has found beneficial in helping him fall asleep.

Many of my family members have had great success using Lavender to help them fall asleep. My Grandma (who I’ve referred to in the past as the Queen of Essential Oils) recommends putting one drop of lavender on your pillow before you go to sleep at night as you will smell the aroma of the oil when you lay down which will calm you and help you to drift off to la-la-land! Note: if using lavender on children be sure to only use one drop between both feet. Lavender should be applied to feet and then covered up by socks so that the little ones don’t accidentally get it in their eyes!

I have used the Grounding Blend in the diffuser in the bedroom before/while going to sleep. When I have done this I have woken up as if I was in an extremely deep sleep. For this reason I only do this occasionally as I am afraid I will sleep through my alarm! This blend also works great when applied to the bottoms of each foot (2 drops each) before bed.

I have also used Vetiver to help with sleep. Vetiver is a very thick oil which has an earthy/woodsy smell… I love the scent of it! My Grandma gave me a sample and suggested that I apply one drop of Vetiver to the bottom of each big toe before bed. I did this and it worker great to help me sleep through the night! I currently do not have Vetiver in my personal supply but it will definitely be added to my next order!

These are just my personal experiences with essential oils and sleep! What have your experiences been? I would love to hear from you! Please comment below!

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