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If you are an essential oil user/lover then chances are you have heard at least one of the 7 common statements on this list!

Things Every Essential Oil User Has Heard At Least Once

If you are an essential oil user/lover then chances are you have heard at least one of the 7 common statements on this list! If you are an essential oil user then chances are you have heard many or maybe even all of the following things are some point or another! I asked some other essential oils lovers and combined their experiences with my own to come up with this list!

Since many of you enjoyed my post called funny essential oil truths, I thought this post would be a good follow-up!


Things Every Essential Oil User Has Heard At Least Once


When You/They Started Using Essential Oils…

“Essential oils don’t actually work, it’s all in your head” or “you’re crazy if you actually believe they work”

These are the words of a true essential oil skeptic. I have to admit that when I started using essential oils I also wasn’t convinced that they worked but once I tried them my mind was quickly changed! Once your loved one starts using essential oils their thoughts will likely change but for now my friend, you are apparently crazy 😛

“Essential oils are only for hippies”

I can’t believe the number of times I have heard this one! Have you heard it before? My thought is that if essential oils are only for hippies then you better start calling me a hippie because I don’t see a future for myself that doesn’t involve essential oils!

“If they worked doctors would use them”

If only it were that simple… unfortunately the pharmaceutical companies have their own plans…


Once You Start Sharing Essential Oils with Others…

“A bottle costs HOW much?!?”

I admit this is another mental hurdle I had to jump over once I decided I NEEDED to have essential oils in my life! I mean seriously how could one little bottle cost so much?! Thankfully once I expressed this concern I learned that all you need is a drop or two and a bottle lasts FOREVER (well, at least longer than you may have initially thought)!

“*sarcastically says* So lavender just fixes everything then?” or “Do you have an oil for (insert something ridiculous)”

I don’t know about you but in my family, it’s a running joke that lavender fixes everything and also, why would you possibly need another essential oil if you already have lavender? Everyone in my family actually uses essential oils now but there are a few that still find this joke particularly hilarious 😛


After You Have Given Them A Sample or They Have Used Your Oils a few Times…

*shuffles in, head down* “So… umm… I am having a problem with X, do you have an oil that could help?” or ” So… that oil you gave me kinda helped… could I have some more?”

As an essential oil addict enthusiast, this is possibly the best thing that could ever happen! Sure it’s fun to see them coming back and admitting the oils work but more than that I am always just so happy that they have found a natural solution to help with whatever they needed oils for!



“So I decided to give essential oils a try and found a really good deal on a bottle at the grocery store/ drug store”

This statement is enough to make even the toughest essential oil user’s eyes well with tears! Ok again maybe slightly dramatic but it’s definitely not something most people enjoy hearing!

Funny Essential Oil Truths


Ok, I know I am missing at least a few!

What do you commonly hear when it comes to essential oils?

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  1. I like the one on the doctors/pharmaceuticals the best. The best things that worked are often the things that insurance doesn’t pay for.

    Thank you for this!


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