Essential Oil Recipe Journal

Top DIY Essential Oil Recipes on Painted Teacup

Here are some of my most popular All-Natural DIY Recipes made with Essential Oils! Simply click on the image to view that particular DIY recipe!

Disclaimer: I don’t like recipes that are super time consuming or complicated so know that any recipes you find on Painted Teacup will be very easy and use as few ingredients as possible!

Homemade moisturizing body butter made with essential oils! Your skin is sure to love this! Perfect DIY gift for Mother's day!
I absolutely loving making and using my own essential oil foaming hand soap! This DIY recipe is all natural, affordable, easy to make and smells great! Click the image to get the recipe!
DIY Essential Oil Sugar Scrub for your skin. Easy recipe, that is perfect for mother's day!
Natural DIY Vapor Rub with Essential Oils. Skip the store bought products and use this rub for respiratory support!
DIY Soothing Cough Drops with Essential Oils. Homemade recipe to help soothe sore throats.
4 Easy DIY essential oil sprays. Bathroom cleaning spray, air-freshening spray, bug spray and fabric/carpet spray. All natural sprays for your home.
Easy Homemade Relaxing Soap with Essential Oils. This soap takes about 10 minutes to make and uses lavender and cedarwood essential oil.
Homemade Exfoliating Soap