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Easy Ways to Use Essential Oils This Summer! Bug spray, sunscreen, itch stick, sun burn spray, essential oils for camping & more!

Wonderful Ways to Use Essential Oils this Summer

Easy Ways to Use Essential Oils This Summer! Bug spray, sunscreen, itch stick, sun burn spray, essential oils for camping & more!There are so many ways to use essential oils year round but today I thought I would focus specifically on how to use essential oils this summer! These essential oil uses will last you right up until the weather turns cool and after that you can even use these tips if you go somewhere warm in the winter!

I use my essential oils constantly so it is no surprise that I frequently turn to my essential oils to help make summer that much more enjoyable!

NOTE: Please be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom as I have an important safety tip when using essential oils this summer!

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Ok let’s get to it!

How to Use Essential Oils this Summer

DIY Essential Oil Bug Spray/ Insect Repellent

I am someone who seems to get eaten alive when outside! My husband will get maybe a few bug bites and I get what feels like a million! During our last 4 day camping trip I used my cedarwood and lemongrass bug spray and I am happy to report that I think I only got about 10 – 15 bites (which is amazing for me) during the whole trip!  Also be sure to check out the kid-safe bug spray recipes  from One Essential Community to use on the little ones this summer!

DIY Reed Diffuser- Bug Repellent

I have not personally tried this bug repelling reed diffuser recipe yet (I hope to try it soon) however it seems like a wonderful alternative if you would prefer to not apply bug repellent to your body! It is also a great way to protect the whole family/your guests when doing outdoor entertaining! The post states that one downfall is that it doesn’t cover a large outdoor area however I am sure this could be easily fixed by using multiple reed diffusers around your entertaining space!

Itch-Be-Gone Roller Bottle Blend

If a few pesky bug get to you and you get some bug bites then you are definitely going to want to have a DIY essential oil itch be gone stick! This is one of many roller bottle recipes from my essential oil ebook called Essential Oils Made Easy: DIY Diffuser & Roller Bottle Recipes! I used this itch be gone blend on both myself and my niece and we both found it helped to soothe the itching! You may need to apply it daily/ twice per day.

Itch-Be-Gone Roller Bottle Blend Recipe

What You Need:

How to Make it:

  1. Simply add the essential oils into the empty roller bottle and fill the bottle to the top with the carrier oil of your choice.
  2. Add the roller bottle top and the lid. Gently shake the bottle end for end to allow everything to mix.
  3. You are now ready to use it! Please be sure to shake the bottle prior to each use!

Learn more about everything included in my essential oil ebook here!


Natural Sunscreen Recipes

I have read so many surprising posts already this summer that talk about all of the harsh chemicals found in many store-bought sunscreen recipes! The most shocking part is that many of the brands cater to use with children! After reading these posts I went on a search to find sunscreen recipes on the internet that use natural ingredients, including essential oils! Head over and check out my 5 All Natural Sunscreen Recipes with Essential Oils post where I have collected 5 recipes that use 5 different essential oils! This will allow you to find the sunscreen recipe that best fits with the supplies you already have on hand! If you are needing additional supplies be sure to check out my 40 Essential Oil Supplies & Accessories post!

DIY Essential Oil Recipes for Summer

If you are looking for even more DIY essential oil recipes to make this summer then be sure to check out this post from All Natural Ideas which shares recipes to make bug repellent mason jar luminaries, cracked foot salve, peppermint & aloe cooling spray & more! Check it out here!

Use Your Essential Oils While Camping

I would have been lost without my essential oil bug spray and itch be gone stick when camping earlier this month but there are also so many other ways you can use essential oils while camping! I highly recommend taking lavender, melaleuca, frankincense, marjoram and tea tree oil with you when spending a considerable amount of time outdoors! Read how to use all of these oils in my essential oils for camping post!

Important Safety Precautions When Using Essential Oils This Summer

Photosensitive Essential Oils:

Some essential oils are photosensitve which means that they can create a reaction with the sun if applied to your skin and then exposed to direct sunlight. The reaction varies by person and could range from looking like a slight rash to an actual burn. You can still use photoosensitive oils when outdoors however you may need to be creative about where you apply them such as under layers of clothes or to the bottoms of your feet. You could also opt to use these oils in the evening provided that you shower prior to going outdoors the following day. 

Read: Phototoxic Essential Oils for a full list of phototoxic oils as well as more tips for using these oils this summer!

This video shows a list of doTERRA’s photosensitive oils (please note the newest oils have not been added. Please double check the newer oils) :




Storing Your Oils:

Be sure that when you are traveling you store your oils in a cool dark place whenever possible. This year I kept my oils inside of my traveling toiletry case and that seemed to work quite well. I kept the itch be gone stick and the bug spray in the door of the car (which was parked in the shade) during the day and had the itch stick in the tent with me at night as that seemed to be the time when I would be most itchy!

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That sums up my most used ways of using essential oils this summer! I hope you find these uses helpful!

I would love to hear from you, how do you use essential oils while enjoying the summer weather? Please leave your response in the comments below!

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  1. From bug repellent to sunscreen, it’s so amazing how useful essential oils can be. This information is so valuable. Thank you for sharing this easy ways to use essential oils this summer at the Healthy, Happy, Green and Natural Party Blog Hop. I’m Pinning and sharing!

  2. This is really great. Thanks for sharing amazing things, I think summer is the perfect time to incorporate essential oils into our activities. My family has quickly become obsessed with Essential Oils, we’ve got at least one diffuser going every day to keep things fresh and germ-free.

  3. Essential oils you can use to look and feel your summer best: Lavender. Peppermint. Patchouli. Palmarosa. Sandalwood. Cypress. Lemon. Grapefruit. Basically It is Helpful for all skin conditions including itching as well as relaxation, stress and anxiety relief.


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