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Link-It To Me, Wednesday Link Up Party

Link-It To Me, Wednesday Link-Up Party. All family friendly posts welcome! Party starts at 8pm EST on Tuesday'sWelcome to Link-It To Me, Painted Teacup’s Wednesday Link Up Party!

The next Link Up Party Begins July 21 at 8pm EST, check it out HERE! 

I am so excited to be hosting my first ever Link Up party, thank you for partying with me!

The Party will start at 8PM EST on Tuesday’s  and will end at 11:59PM on Thursday’s.

Wait… what is a link- up anyway? A link-up is a place for bloggers to add a link to one of their recent posts. This is great for bloggers and non-bloggers alike! How to be a Link Party Expert: The Ultimate Guide

Bloggers: This allows you to share your content with a new audience who may not usually visit your blog. That being said, link-ups are not purely about self-promotion, they are also about building a community and networking so be sure to visit other blogs who have linked up as well! You never know who you may meet!

Non-blogging readers: This is perfect for you! Although you may not have content to ‘link-up’, you will be able to see all of the blogs that did link… think of it as a mini pinterest board! You can check out blogs and topics that you may not usually visit… this is a great way to be exposed to new things!

Please be sure to read and follow the few simple guidelines below before you link up 🙂

The Guidelines Are Simple:

1. Check out my profile on Pinterest, if it interests you, consider liking my boards.

2. Share the party on your social media. More visitors = more eyes on your posts!

3. Add any family friendly blog posts or pins (maximum of 3).

4. Share the love… view, pin, or share at least 3 other links on the link up!

5. By linking up, you agree to allow Painted Teacup to share your links and photos (credit is always given to you) on our blog and social media sites. You also agree to allow us to contact you via email to inform you of future link-ups.


As a token of my appreciation, I will pin all links to my Link-It To Me Pinterest board!

Happy linking! Thanks for joining me, see you again next week!

109 thoughts on “Link-It To Me, Wednesday Link Up Party”

    • Hi Jessica, great question! So tomorrow night, or sometime on Wednesday come back over to Painted Teacup. There will be a new post for tomorrow’s link-up. There will be a blue button near the bottom of that- click and ad your post post URL. It will auto generate the picture and title for you. Link-ups are not only about getting eyes on your blog but also about building community, so check out posts that others have linked up as well. Looking forward to ‘partying ‘ with you! If you haven’t already, you can subscribe for an email notification when the party goes live. Thanks for stopping by!

  1. This sounds like such a fun link up. I’ve really been trying to get better at using Pinterest for my blog. Now I just need to remember to link up, I forget things so easily haha.

    • Looking forward to ‘partying’ with you! Linking up will definitely help to get more eyes on your blog . To help you remember you can subscribe to get an email notification when the party goes live. Thanks for visiting!

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