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As with anything, there is so much information out there. The same is true for essential oils. There are countless brands, prices, recommendations, potencies, safety guidelines and more! Getting started with essential oils can be quite overwhelming as there is so much information to read through! I don’t want you to get so bogged down with information that you feel lost and decide not to use essential oils. So on Painted Teacup you will find simple, easy to understand information, usage suggestions, safety guidelines, DIY projects & so much more to help you get started on your essential oil journey.

You will also find resources, support and information to help you manage mental health and chronic illnesses that you may be living with. Dealing with these things can feel completely isolating but I hope that when you visit Painted Teacup you will realize that you are not alone and find the support you need to help you get through the tough days!


About Chantal

My Journey with Essential Oils

As someone with a chronic illness, I was often turning to medications to help with my symptoms, which helped but they weren’t quote cutting it during a flare. It was in January 2014 that my Grandma introduced me to essential oils. At first I was extremely skeptical but I was desperate so I gave them a try. Now essential oils are a huge part of my life! I am a crazy essential oil loving lady who will share the wonderful benefits of essential oils to anyone who is interested! Though I still use some prescription medication, essential oils have greatly reduced the harsh chemicals that I was using to help manage my symptoms. Essential oils are part of my daily routine, and are used to replace harsh chemicals in my household cleaners and beauty products.

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My Journey with Mental Health

I was diagnosed with depression when I was 19. It was a very challenging time for me but I was able to attend counselling and take medication to make it much more manageable. Although my depression is always there clawing at the back of my mind, most days are better than others. I was able to complete post secondary education and gain employment as a Child Protection Worker which I did successfully for 2 years… until everything changed.

In April 2016 anxiety came out of nowhere and sent me into a downward spiral. Dealing with my anxiety has been one of the more challenging things I have had to do. It sent me into an all time low that I had no idea how to deal with. Thanks to the loving support of my husband, one-on-one counselling, medication, essential oils and changing my lifestyle (including leaving my full time social work job), I have found that my anxiety is much more manageable, though it still sneaks up on me more than I would like. I talk about essential oils, and I truly want to use essential oils as much as I can to manage my mental health concerns however right now it is medication that I need to help me cope, and that’s ok. My goal is still to completely remove all medication from my life.

When dealing with my anxiety I have often felt afraid, alone (even when supported by others), and angry. My hope is to use my social work background combined with my personal experience to share strategies and support to those struggling with anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses.

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My Journey with Chronic Illness

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2012 at age 22. Being diagnosed with chronic illness at such a young age felt like a heavy life sentence that I didn’t like one bit…obviously. After the shock and anger wore off I remember feeling relief that finally someone (medical professionals) believed and acknowledged the crazy symptoms I was living with, which seemed to change on a daily basis. I initially started managing my Fibro with medication and in 2014 I added essential oils into the mix which really helped. I still use medication to manage my Fibro on a daily basis however during a flare I turn to my essential oils, heating pad and other natural remedies to help relieve the pain. It may seem funny that I take medication daily yet refuse to take advil but it is my way of gaining some control over the medications that go into my body and work towards living a completely natural, medication free life!

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